Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easy Choices

Sometimes choosing story tapes is hard but sometimes it is very easy. In that way, it's not unlike buying fruit.

Whenever I see a Phyrne Fisher mystery by Kerry Greenwood I just borrow it. I don't bother looking at anything else on the shelf.

Phyrne is a super attractive and smart woman who solves mysteries in 1920s Melbourne. These books work very well as story tapes.

Phyrne has a lovely life and it is a delight to hear about her as I go about mine. After a very hard day of fighting crime Phyrne goes home, is greeted by her butler, has a hot bath run for her by her maid, is served chicken soup and a hot toddy by her cook and, thus bodily satisfied, she steelily determines to compose her thoughts and emotions.

And it's not just because she has help. Phyrne Fisher would be able to make herself bodily satisfied and compose her thoughts and emotions in almost any circumstances. Even if she was working in the ham hocks section of a bacon factory, at the end of the day, she would take a deep breath, have a gin and tonic, and put it all behind her.

I personally find this tricky. After a hard day of spreadsheeting, I come home, race around madly to get bodily satisfied but then - can I compose my thoughts and emotions? No. I am still fuming because someone told me Column C had the 2009-10 figures instead of 10-11.

But I find that listening to a Phryne Fisher mystery can, at least temporarily, rest my mind.


  1. Did you know they are making a TV version of Phryne this year? Don't know any other details. But I reckon coming home after a hard day -- or in my case having a hard day without leaving the house -- would be greatly ameliorated by settling down with a good Phryne on the box and a bowl of popcorn.

  2. I wonder what time slot it will be in. Maybe a Sunday night?