Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm listeing to The Plantation by Di Morrissey read by Kate Hood.

It's about about a  plucky young Australian woman tracing her family roots back to a plantation in Malaysia.

I've listened to a few Di Morrissey books now and they've all been read by Kate Hood, who generally gets right into the spirit of things.

Her pronounciation is bothering me though because there are quite a few Malay phrases scattered throughout the book and I reckon she's saying them all wrong. I used to study Indonesian awhile back and there are a few simple rules that wouldn't be that hard to put into action. Then again, maybe I'm just ignorant and don't realise the differences between Indonesian and the form of Malay in the book. Or maybe she's doing it deliberately to reflect how the plantation owners would have spoken.

So I can't be sure, and I suspect I just need to loosen up.

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