Saturday, August 8, 2015

How to Get a Love Life (first you need to get a hot boss with good taste in jumpers)

I've just finished listening to How to Get a Love Life by Rosie Blake.

This is the second audio book I've listened to where the female protagonist, a secretary, who is searching for love, ends up with her boss. The last one was The Chocolate Lovers Club, which I pretty much hated.

I didn't hate How to Get a Love Life, perhaps because the boss, James, seemed like a fairly nice bloke. However, the concept of boss-as-ultimate-love-interest is one that I find it hard to go along with. I accept that there are times when a relationship between employee and employer springs up and it's quite lovely and based on equality and mutual respect. However, in general the power dynamics make it a less than ideal set up for love, and it sits uncomfortably with me, meaning that I can't get swept away in the unresolved sexual tension.

In my own private life, I've never been remotely interested in any of my bosses, not even Bernard, Head of Cheese, who was masterful in the deli, so the scenario is not one I can relate to.

Also if you were planning on listening to this book to get some tips on how to get a love life the take home message is: Be a hot secretary but don't realise how hot you are, go on a few disastrous dates while waiting for your boss, who dresses extremely well, to fall in love with you even if he apparently has a super hot model bitch girlfriend.

I think that will work for everyone, yes?

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