Sunday, February 20, 2011


Last weekend we were driving to the country and needed an audio book to listen to. My partner borrowed The Man Within by Graham Greene from the library. However, perhaps because he likes to maintain a charade of story tape hating, he didn't suggest listening to it in the car. Neither did I, so we just listened to the radio.

I continued to avoid The Man Within all week. It seemed pretty grim to me. The cover is black and has a picture of a shadowy man holding a lantern. Like a coward, I just couldn't come at it.

Then today I drove to central Victoria for a baby shower. I was driving on my own (which I hate, avoid wherever possible and consider an achievement if I actually do it) and needed something to listen to.

I had no choice but to start on The Man Within. And I've enjoyed it so far. The narrator, James Wilby, is excellent. The book makes much of the characters' voices and Wilby does justice to these descriptions. I've read that Graham Greene was embarrassed by the book in later life, but I thought it was fine (although the female character's a bit of a saint, which shits me).

And! I didn't crash the car. So gold star for me.

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