Thursday, June 23, 2011

He died

My trip to Broome was a welcome warm change to winter in Melbourne. I'm now back home, and I had excepted to be quite depressed by the gloom and rain but I'm not. I'm having fun listening to 1932 A Hell of a Year and roasting winter vegetables.

But it hasn't all been lovely.

Sometimes I think I get more emotional listening to audio books than I do when I read a book. (That explains the hysterical sobbing at the end of the The Outsiders in Grade 6.)

1932 A Hell of a Year covers some of the major depression era events in Australia and so gets into some pretty gruelling subject matter. I've found some of it quite hard to listen to without choking up.

1932 was the year Phar Lap died.

What I don't understand is why the author, Gerald Stone, keeps going on about incidental events like the sacking of the New South Wales Premier.

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