Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To Central Victoria!

Drove back from Adelaide yesterday, stopping to visit more family in central Victoria.

We had almost four hours of Summer Lightening by PG Wodehouse to go, which should have seen us well across the border and into the Mallee district. Unfortunately the cassettes were old and the sound quality was terrible - sounded like the narrator was underwater with a mouth full of yummy cheese. It wasn't worth the effort and we gave up at Murray Bridge.

So we reluctantly went back to The Map that Changed the Word. This book has lots of really interesting information about 18th century fossil collecting, the growth of coal and canal mania (shut up, is so too interesting). The frustrating thing is that the author, Simon Winchester, labours his points and repeats himself. As a result with both ended up screaming, "We already fucking know!"

Not to worry. At least we heard many descriptions of the lovely lovliness of the lovely patchworked English countryside.

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