Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What not to listen to

A friend of mine told me that she tried her first story tape recently. Unfortunately she chose Push by Saphire. She only made it halfway through. She decided to stop because the aim of listening to an audiobook was to make the train commute go faster not nastier.

I saw the film of the book, Precious and I was harrowed to the marrow, but I wouldn't rule out reading the book one day. However I would never choose to listen to the audiobook. Even if it was the last story tape in the library.

I can't handle dark story tapes. I think this might be because I can't control the pace. I can't take a break for a few seconds if there's a horrible bit, and I can't skim difficult passages. In that way it's like a film except that it lasts a lot longer. Most unabridged story tapes play for at least seven hours. That means seven hours of hearing a voice murmur horrible yuckiness in my ear.

Fortunately my friend realised that Push was not an ideal starting point and is going to try again. Maybe a safe Marian Keyes, or Alexander McCall Smith.

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