Sunday, December 19, 2010

We all make mistakes

Today I started Last Orders at Harrods: an African tale by Michael Holman while I wrapped my Christmas presents. I found the narrator's voice very familiar. Then I realised who it was - Tony Robinson. He narrated (and co-wrote with Richard Curtis) the very funny Odysseus story tapes, which I loved and which launched my tween Greek mythology phase. This phase was strangely entwined with a passion for celestial motifs.

I would have frickin loved this. You say too much? I say how about a suns and moons rug.

I was excited to hear Tony Robinson narrating, until I realised that it wasn't Tony. It was Jerome Pride. At first I was convinced they sounded freakishly similar. Until I compared a sample of Jerome here to Tony Robinson here. I now don't know what I was on. Nothing alike. Nothing.


  1. Oh yeah, I remember Tony Robinson doing the Odyssey! I never knew it as a story tape, though – I remember a TV show where he wandered around some rocks on a beach telling the story to camera, like Fat Tulip's Garden except with more violence and Cyclops. What a great show.

  2. I never saw the tv show. I would have loved it.