Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project

After listening to Julia & Julia and Cleaving I have become a bit obsessed with all things Julie Powell. My main hobby is now reading bad reviews of Cleaving but I am also enjoying following the Lawrence/Julie & Julia project. Lawrence is watching the movie of Julie & Julia every day for a year and blogging about it.

By reading his blog I am collectively encouraging him to waste his time, which he could spend more productively on almost anything, but let's say, sorting buttons. However, this blog amuses me and we've got too many people on the planet, so it doesn't really matter if a few of them waste their lives to entertain me. (Also, what is the point of anything, really? Sure buttons look great when sorted by colour in groups of 20 in mini zip-lock bags, but I'm still going to die.)

Of course Lawrence still has almost 11 months to go so the project could become extremely tedious well before November. We'll see.