Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Keith Richards' autobiography Life was amongst the Christmas loot in our house and I've been reading it agog. Very interesting times indeed.

Following the trend for celebrity narrators for blockbuster books, the audiobook of Life is read by Johnny Depp. You can listen to a sample here.

I dunno. It's alright.

I think this introduction read by Keith himself is more exciting.

Anyway, I've realised that I was amused rather than shocked when Keith Richards revealled many intimate details about his relationships in the book. Whereas, when I listened to Cleaving I was shocked that Julie Powell wrote so openly about her marriage breakdown and affair. This looks like a double standard - I think it's okay for a man to write gleefully about fucking up relationships and being an idiot (with only token regret expressed) but I feel a ripple of moral outrage when a woman does the same thing. Something to think about.

On the other hand, Keith Richards is older and can get away with quite a bit of "It was a long time ago and I was on drugs".

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