Saturday, January 1, 2011

Something to read on the train

I kept a diary from when I was in Grade 4 to when I was about 22. I've decided to scan my diaries because they're starting to fall apart and the pencil is fading. Also, I would be very upset if they were destroyed in a fire, flood or if our apartment was burgled by robbers with contacts in the black market for mid-90s adolescent angst.

So I've decided to use the New Years long weekend to get the scanning done. I've done Grades 4, 5 and 6, Year 7 and Year 9. Year 8 is too big to fit on the scanner (not to worry, it was a gloomy year - poetry, wandering around cemeteries, Wuthering Heights).

I've continued to listen to The Map that Changed the World as I scan. It's interesting to compare the life of William Smith (author of the first geological map of England) to my own experiences recorded in my diary.

William Smith felt under appreciated and beset by snobs and had to go to debtors prison. I hated myself and almost everyone else and had to go to school. Two peas in a pod! (Strange time travelling pod stretching 190 years.)

In the back of my Year 7 diary I made some predictions about the future lives of people at my school, including this assessment of a friend's future chances:

GM: Junkie, Drugs, Drinking - slight possibility of being a university lecturer.

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