Sunday, January 30, 2011

Predictions update

After 14 hours and 25 minutes of listening pleasure I am finished The Bay. In my last post I made some plot predictions. Anyone who is tempted to read The Bay STOP HERE. I am about to reveal all.




Holly (town newcomer renovating a B&B) will realise she is being a selfish bitch by moving to the Bay when she should be supporting her husband Andrew (property developer who loves making money, ruining natural treasures and shagging his mistress) in Sydney.


Holly leaves Andrew and shacks up with her builder Mitchell. I am disgusted by this plot resolution. Do modern writers have no moral compass?

Holly returns to Sydney and does a leadlighting course to fulfil herself (turns out this is plenty).


Holly is emotionally and sexually fulfilled in her mutually supportive relationship with Mitchell. What kind of message does this send out?

Holly tries to be more alluring to keep her husband from straying.


See above.

Tina (spunky earnest lighthouse ranger) and Eddie (spunky earnest documentary maker) will get it on. Possibly on the lighthouse stairs.


Actually it was at a waterfall and then in the lighthouse.

Billy (possibly not gay hairdresser) and Amber (makes soap, hates her mother) will shack up. Soap and hair make for a great business opportunity.


Apparently Billy is not gay but happily married. Amber becomes even more successful at making soap and it is implied that she will become a millionaire. No man!

Kimberley (concerned mother) either doesn't need a man, or Ashok (Kimberley’s husband who went to India) will return and revert to being Tim, or whatever he was called before.


Ashok comes home. Still called Ashok though. Kimberley becomes more assertive by getting a job at the council and breeching public service values by blabbing confidential information to her friends. This is considered fine.

Bonnie (went crazy when her husband left her for his secretary. Has a daughter and a shop) will get a man who hasn't been introduced yet.


No man! Bonnie becomes less crazy and uses this new skill to help other people be less crazy too.

Bonnie will start being nicer to her shop (too late for daughter).


Daughter burnt to a crisp in a house-fire. Bonnie is sad but soon feels strong enough to start being nice to her shop on a part time basis.

That's only 3/8 but no wonder I was confused. Not everyone gets a man! Very confronting stuff.

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